Starting a Cedar/Padauk flamenca negra

I'm pretty excited to use this combination of woods for the first time, on a flamenco guitar.  I'm a big fan of Padauk (also known as Coral) as a back and side wood for flamenco guitars.  It falls somewhere between Cypress and Rosewood, making a guitar with very broad range that also packs a strong flamenco punch.  I'm going to dip into my stash of rare Andaman Padauk for this guitar.  It will be for sale when finished.

Enough talk, let's get down to business with the first set of pictures.

First, strips of stacked veneers are sawn and thicknessed to make the rosette mosaic.

The mosaic log which is sawn into 2mm thick tiles.

AAAA Western Red Cedar soundboard being joined on my homemade jig.

Cutting out the soundboard.

Rosette tiles and border strips ready to inlay.

Some quick circle math.

Using a circle cutter to score the channel for the rosette tiles.

 Gluing in the tiles is really fun.

Gluing in the tiles is really fun.

Separate channels are cut for the border and the rosette is complete.

Lots of tiny pieces of wood.

Meanwhile, the neck and scarf joint are prepared.

And the back is jointed with help of a shooting board.