Working on the soundboard, back and neck

Here is another batch of pictures from the Cedar/Padauk negra in progress! 

The soundboard and back are rough-thicknessed with a drum sander.  I then use a cabinet scraper to remove any rough sanding scratches, and finally sand all surfaces by hand to 220 grit before gluing the braces.

The Spanish Cedar heel is stacked and glued using two bamboo pins to keep the pieces from slipping.  I lay out the shape of the heel and foot on both sides with a template and bandsaw roughly to shape.

I cut the side slots with a Japanese saw, using an angled block clamped on as a guide (not pictured).  Then chisel out the waste.  Two wedges on each side will be used later to press the sides flush to the heel and fill the slot.

Rough-carving the heel with a sharp chisel.  The Spanish foot is shaped with files, scraper and sandpaper.

I decided to cut a bookmatched headplate out of a piece of flatsawn Rosewood.

Joining the headplate with the end vise on my bench.

Gluing the headplate along with white and black veneers.

On Cedar tops I use a very thin patch, located just behind the bridge to prevent buckling of that area due to string tension.

Gluing the fan braces.  The layout is my own design, used on the last 50 guitars or so.  Closing struts and harmonic bars, etc. will be added after carving these braces.

Starting to carve the fan braces.

Gluing the cross-grain center reinforcement strip on the back.  I used a strip of Cedar from the offcut of the soundboard.