More progress

Moving right along on the Cedar/Padauk negra!  The soundboard and neck are done so assembly will begin shortly. 

Working the back center reinforcement, first planing...

Then sanding it smooth.

Planing down the back braces to 8 mm thick.  I'm using Western Red Cedar for its light weight.  The braces have already been curved in order to achieve a slight doming of the back.

Chiseling out the reinforcement strip.

Gluing the back braces.  I use my solera, and some thin wedges to match the curve in the braces.  Humidity control in the shop is paramount when gluing anything across the grain.

After the glue has set, there are more shavings to be made.  A sharp chisel cuts through the Cedar como mantequilla.

Here's how the headplate came out!  The two dots are toothpicks used to keep the center seam on center when gluing up the sandwich.

After the outline of the headstock is carved, the tuner holes are drilled.

Roughing out the slots with a Forstner bit.  They're finished with chisels, files and sandpaper.


Et voila.

Gluing more braces on the soundboard.

And carving them down.

Last job of the day, making tentellones.  Just one whack from the hammer splits a block into two.

100+ are needed for one guitar.