Here are a few of the many comments I've received from players who have ordered my guitars.

My new Blanca is responsive and sings with a clear voice.  She has two distinct personalities; one which is sweet and lyrical while the other is assertive and growling.  Andy makes his guitars with supreme attention to detail and craftsmanship and the French polish finish is beautiful to behold. 

-Dennis Repino



This Blanca is righteous!   I was looking for a powerful, dry, and raw sounding old school flamenco guitar, and you really delivered it.  The basses have a great sting to them and the trebles are bold and sweet with great projection.

I appreciate you collaborating with me on the rosette design.  It came out great, and I enjoyed the process of working through different ideas.  The neck shape and string action are very comfortable.  I'm able to play with a lighter touch while producing plenty of volume.

Thanks for a beautiful guitar.

-Greg Glassman

Lone Piñon   


Andy this guitar sounds AMAZING!!!!!!! It sounds and plays better than my $5,000 Spanish guitar.

-Travis, California

I very recently bought a Flamenco Blanca guitar made by Andy and was pleasantly surprised. Almost every time you buy a new guitar you find at least a little something wrong with it, but I could not find anything wrong Andy’s guitar. Over the years, I have had many different guitars, including Paco Marin, Cordoba, Ramirez, and many others, but Culpepper’s guitar is one of the best I’ve ever owned--it is truly a concert guitar.

-Victor, California

The trebles are crisp and clear and the basses are strong and punchy.  The D string really pops.  Harmonics are clean and even.  Action is low making rasgueados very easy. Thanks for a fantastic flamenco guitar.

-Ted, California

When I accompany dancers, I just love the way the guitar projects out and fills the room and surrounds me with the sound. The guitar can be very loud, but also sounds great when played quietly. It actually makes it easier to play. The guitar is simply just amazing. I'm really, really happy I got a guitar from Andy. 

-Anthony Tran, Massachusetts

Muy flamenco, able to attack loudly or sweetly sing as needed. Nice and responsive for rasgueos. The workmanship is outstanding. I've played her at many gigs now, and am delighted with the results.

-Dave Chu, New York

I've only played the classical since Saturday but that has been enough time to confirm its qualities; volume, sustain, beautiful tone; superbly balanced. This instrument really responds to the kind of touch you apply; very inspiring.

Ian, California