E-mail: culpepperguitars@gmail.com

Phone: 607-316-1180


Andy Culpepper

8828 State Route 89

Interlaken, NY 14847

Come visit me in the heart of Finger Lakes wine country!


Please contact me by phone or e-mail to place an order for a guitar and for information on current wait time. I'm more than happy to discuss choice of materials, aesthetics, desired sound qualities, etc. A deposit of $500 towards the cost of the guitar will hold your spot in the queue. Payment accepted: PayPal, Cashier's check, Money order and Bitcoin.

Thank you!


Cases and shipping:

The price of a case is not included in the guitar price, because many people prefer to order a case of their choice that I don't have in stock. I carry a standard TKL hard case, available at $150, and the TKL "Zero Gravity" at $130.

I ship my guitars via USPS Express Mail within North America and the shipping cost is included in the guitar price. The guitar is normally guaranteed for next day delivery. I can ship overseas at the partial expense of the buyer.


Although I definitely have my own aesthetic and sonic style, I want to make the most comfortable and appealing guitar for you, the player. I'm happy to work from suggestions about sound and playability. I can customize any of the following things but here are my default preferences:

Nut width: 53 mm

String spacing at nut: 46 mm

String spacing at bridge: 58 mm

Neck thickness (depth): 22.5 mm @ nut to 24 mm @ 9th fret

Bridge tie block: 12-hole


Scale length: 655 mm

String height at bridge: 7.5-8 mm

Action at 12 fret: 3.0 mm bass to 2.7 mm treble

Body depth at heel: 91 mm

Body depth at lower bout: 94 mm

Body width upper bout: 283 mm

Body width waist: 243 mm

Body width lower bout: 370 mm

Total body length from 12th fret to tail: 490 mm


Scale length: 650 mm

String height at bridge: 10.5 mm

Action at 12th fret: 4.0 mm bass to 3.5 mm treble

Body depth at heel: 91 mm

Body depth at lower bout: 97 mm

Body width upper bout: 287 mm

Body width waist: 244 mm

Body width lower bout: 371 mm

Body length: 485 mm